We are here to carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous and help the addict who wants to stop using drugs and find a new way to live.

This chatroom is closed to addicts only, no students or outside observers please. We cannot tell you if your loved one is an addict but you can send them here or visit http://www.nar-anon.org.

Please be mindful of how you represent NA and/or this website while you are here. It is inappropriate to beg people to go to meetings or use abusive language towards other chatters here. Honesty without compassion is brutality, this is a confrontation and judgement free zone!

Our 3rd Tradition states that "the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using." In accordance with that, we don't have any guidelines about participating in chat while under the influence so long as members who participate while intoxicated are not abusive or disruptive.

Many people who arrive here are searching the web for infomation about NA. This may be someone's first exposure to an NA group. This is not the place for aggression and confrontation, i.e. "calling people out on their shit" or telling them "work the steps or die, MF'er."

We reserve the right to mute or ban people who are abusive or disruptive and/or representing NACHAT.NET poorly with a "message" that is exceptionally hostile.

The chatroom is open 24/7 and the discussion is not always recovery related. Moderators have a color symbol next to their names, it is their job to refocus the discussion if it is getting out of hand. We ask that the room remain a safe and positive atmosphere of recovery at all times.

A topic change, warning, kick or mute is at the moderator's discretion. That said, we do have a few basic guidelines for moderators and we expect them to be courteous at all times.

No "sourcing" drugs. Do not ask for a drug dealer, ask for drugs, or offer drugs.

No links to outside websites other than NA.ORG, the NA Just For Today Meditation, or Intergroup pages. Visitors who join the room for no other apparent reason than to promote their own alternative chatrooms/websites/apps will be banned.

NACHAT.NET does not sign court slips or cooperate with court/supervision officials. We have no way to confirm you are actually the person chatting here today.

Do not ask other members to give you money or solicit them as clients for professional services. Financial predators will be permanently banned without warning.

No endorsement of for-profit rehabs, clinics, and sober living facilities.

No abusive behavior. This includes threats, personal insults, hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobic remarks, encouraging suicide, promoting drinking or using over recovery, and other matters inappropriate for a recovery forum.

Group members who violate the anonymity of this room, "out" other members, and/or air personal vendettas or attacks on social media sites (i.e. Facebook) will be banned.

Please safeguard your anonymity! Be careful disclosing your identity or full name. Not everyone here is working the 12 steps or understands/respects your anonymity.

We strive to create a helpful and safe environment. NACHAT.NET is most helpful when all community members have a chance to weigh in. NACHAT.NET is safest when all communications are done out in the open.

If a newcomer mentions a drug name in the context of explaining what they're going through and how we can help, let it go, but steer the conversation away from using and drugs, to the solution and "what you are going to do about your drug problem and how we can help."

No surveys or professionals/providers looking for input "from addicts." NO OUTSIDE LINKS. This is a support group. We are not here for research, education, training, or survey purposes.

This is not a dating/hookup site. Don't age/sex/location us, beg for members of the opposite sex to PM you. Also, do not ask other members you don't know to get on Skype, Discord, Facetime etc. This could be an invasion of their privacy and/or anonymity.

NACHAT.NET - A word about some things we're not.
Discussion of sexual compulsion, addiction to pornography, etc is not an appropriate topic for the room. Please private message a moderator (people with symbols next to their name) for a confidential referral to other sites that can help you.

We do not discuss ways and means of using drugs, how to beat a piss test, or give advice on tapering, "do I have a medical emergency" , dosage, overdosage, etc. There is another chatroom focused on harm reduction at www.tripsit.me. We neither endorse nor oppose them.

Our primary purpose is to carry the message of Narcotics Anonymous to the addict who is still suffering. If you are a family member or friend of an addict, please visit www.nar-anon.org.