NACHAT.NET - Service Opportunities


If you are interested in chairing meetings, please familiarize yourself with our chatroom rules. We have flexible clean time requirements. Our Trusted Servants are expected to have a history of being friendly with their new friends and welcoming our visitors.

We acknowledge you may have several (or even many) years of experience working with others in your home group, and we're glad you're here.

Please be mindful of how you represent NA and/or this website while you are here. It is inappropriate to beg people to go to meetings or use abusive language towards other chatters here. Honesty without compassion is brutality, this is a confrontation and judgement free zone!

Many people who arrive here are searching the web for information about NA. This may be someone's first exposure to an NA group. This is not the place for aggression and confrontation, i.e. "calling people out on their shit" or telling them "work the steps or die, MF'er."

Trusted Servants must "let go of the results," we cannot afford to get frustrated when visitors "won't take our suggestions" or don't get or stay clean. Please do everyone a favor and shut your monitor off and walk away if you're not enjoying your participation here today.

We will not consider individuals whom we have had to repeatedly ban from the chatroom for disruptive conduct until they have attained six months clean AND they have not been banned from the chatroom for at least as long.

Your motivation must be helping others. Not "getting to ban people." Moderators who abuse the kick/ban function and repeatedly fail to adjust their attitude may be subject to a temporary or permanent demotion.

Once again, be mindful of how you represent NA and/or NACHAT.NET. We will try to coach and work with you but if you are abusive towards our visitors, representing NA poorly, AND will not commit to improvement when coached by site admins, we must demote you.

Staff Icons
~ Owner/Admin
@ Op/Moderator
% Meeting Chair
& Chat Robot / "Bot" (Not a real person)

Visitor Icons
+ Visitor - Not a Trusted Servant
(No Icon) Guest is muted (cannot type into the chat)

Angel and JFT_BOT are chat robots, type !commands for a list of commands you can use.

Instructions on how to chair with the bot are located here.

We have some flexibility on clean time requirements because our meetings need to take place reliably and we wish to extend service opportunities to anyone whom it would benefit.

Want to be of service?

Normally chairing is a weekly committment (for as long as you want it) but if you can't promise us forever, you CAN commit to a two week (or however long) term and then give the slot to somebody else when your term is up. Type !schedule in the chatroom to see what's open.

Members who are reliable and/or fulfill the short terms they agree to, can be re-added as often as they want if we have an open meeting slot.

MeetingChair requirements:

Welcome and greet newcomers.
Meeting chairs must not be under the influence of subs, alcohol, or other drugs (72 hours).
Chairs who particpate while intoxicated, fight, or cause any disruptions will be demoted.
Must have been coming to for at least 1 month
Display exemplerary conduct as a supportive and welcoming member of the group.
Cybering, serial dating, hooking up with multiple group members is considered predatory.
Trusted Servants discuss their disagreements with one another PRIVATELY, not in chat!
Review instructions at

Moderator requirements:

Moderators, Half-Ops, Ops, Admins are nominated and voted on by the rest of the team.
Do not beg for a key/flag. We consider people based on their attitude and participation level.
Half-Ops must register their nickname with Nickserv.
OPs must be willing to install and use an IRC client such as mIRC or IRCCloud.
Remind people to stay in the solution, switch topic to recovery when things get out of hand.
Be familiar with and enforce rules at
Display courtesy and respect towards newcomers in here seeking help.
Remind people to focus on newcomers/addicts still suffering, over "off topic" conversation.

Any two or three addicts gathered together may call themselves an N.A. group, provided that, as a group, they have no other affiliation. This website is not endorsed by any Narcotics Anonymous entity other than NACHAT.NET.